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What to include in your wedding invitations

When it comes to your wedding invitations we know that it can be daunting knowing exactly what you need to include or how to word them. So we have put together a list of all the things you might want to consider and also a useful guide which you can download!

Blush Pink Watercolour Wedding Invitations

Your Invitations

When creating your invitations you want them to reflect the theme and feel of your wedding. If it's quite a casual affair you might just want a single invitation card, but if it's more formal you could include information cards and rsvp cards. You might also consider sending a simplified version of your daytime invitations to your evening guests as they don't always need all the information your daytime guests do. If you're looking for examples of possible wedding invitations then make sure you take look at all our printable invitation designs.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your invitations is that everyone's weddings are different and what information and wording one couple might have might not always be right for you, so its about working out what best reflects your day and what details your guests will need.

The Main Invitation Card

Who is the invitation coming from

Traditionally a wedding invitation came from the Brides parents, which is why the Brides name usually comes first on the invitation. Nowadays this isn't always the case and it really is up to you, you could have the invitations from the Brides parents, you could have it coming from both sets of parents or just have them coming from you, so you personally invite your guests which has become alot more common. Take a look at page 4 of our invitation guide for examples of different wording you can use. 

How to write your names

This one really does depend on how formal you want your wedding invitations to be. You could include your full names, with middle names, just your first and surname or just have your first names. There is no real rule to this, but aesthetically think about how it looks, if one of you has 2 middles names and the other doesn't have one at all, it may look better with just your first names and surnames to make it look more balanced. 

Over the last 7 years I have also found it's what you feel comfortable with. Say your name is Samuel but you are only ever refereed to as Sam for example. Choose what you prefer and what you feel is more of a reflection of the type of wedding you want to have. 

The Details

You want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to get all the information they need, so the most important thing is to include the date, the venue with the address and time of the wedding. 

When listing the time you may also want to consider adding a time you would like them to arrive by, which might be different from the start time of the wedding. Remember if your wedding is at 2pm you need everyone in their seats by 2pm. So you might want to get them to arrive by 1.30pm, this also gives a bit of time if there is traffic on the day.

Guest Information / Detail Card

Now depending on the invitation style that you choose this might be on a separate card, on the back of the main invitation card or somewhere within the invitation itself. The guest information is just anything that your guests need to know about your day in advance. 

Sketch Rose Wedding Invitation Guest Information

Directions or a map   

Consider how your guests are going to get to your venue. Sometimes wedding venues can be hidden down country lanes or can be easily missed. You might also be having a destination wedding and need to give your guests flight details. If your guests are coming by train, or flying from other countries to attend there might be specific details they need. By adding some directions or a map you make it as easy as possible for them to find your venue and plan for the day.

Gift List / Poem 

When creating your invitations you might want to ask for a gift. Asking for a wedding gift or money has become very common but it can sometimes feel a little awkward to ask. In our Invitation guide we have included examples of some of our favourite gift poems which are a more lighthearted, fun way to include what you are asking for, you can also personalise these or combine bits from different ones to make it perfect for you.


If someone is attending your wedding they can always find their own accommodation, but it could be nice to include some of your favourite options nearby to make it easy for them. You might have accommodation at the venue you need to tell them about or local hotels may also be offering deals that your guests can take advantage of and you can include reference codes to these. It can also be great to know where your guests might be staying if you want to arrange something for the following day for example.

Other Information

That's covered the basic information, from my experience, that people usually tend to include but you may also want to think about if your venue only allows a certain type of confetti, if there is a specific dress code for your day. Are you having an outdoor wedding for examples and they might need to think about wellies? Other things might also include the time that your wedding is finishing, if the bar only accepts cash, if you are not inviting children to the day, or some local taxis numbers so they can book in advance. 

Menu Options

Depending on your venue they might allow you to offer different food choices to your guests. You might also need to ask if any of your guests have any dietary requirements for you to pass onto your venue. This information can go into your guest information or you could think about adding it with your rsvp details or onto your separate rsvp card if you are sending one out.

If you are having a separate rsvp card this give you the option to layout the different choices and ask them to select which they would prefer, making it easy for you to get back all their choices, and easily pass them onto your venue.


Just like the guest information the way you lay out your RSVP details really depends on the style of invitation you choose. If you are having a simple, single card invitation or if the invitations are just for your evening guests, you might want to add the details at the bottom or on the back. Include maybe an email address, your postal address or a phone number for them to get back to you.

If you are including an email address maybe think about making one just for your wedding, like for example. This way if you send out 50 invitation you know you need 50 emails back and they won't be mixed in with lots of junk emails. 

A separate RSVP card

You may choose to send out a separate rsvp card for your guests to post back to you. All of our rsvp cards come as a postcard style, so you can add your address on the back making it quick and easy for your guests to post it back to you. You could even add a stamp so they don't have any excuse!

Rose Wedding Invitation RSVP card with menu options

On your rsvp card the most important thing is to find out if they can make it to your wedding, but you might also want to include menu options (as I mentioned above), maybe a song that would get them on the dance floor. You might also be laying on transport for your guests and need to know if they require a seat? All of our rsvp cards can be personalised to include whatever you need. 

How long should you give for the RSVP

When sending out your invitations by adding an RSVP date for your guests to get back to you this also give you a date that you can start chasing if you haven't had them back. We suggest giving around 2 months for them to send back their RSVP. You don't want them to put the invitation down and forget to get back to you, and by keeping it relatively short it means you can get on with planning the rest of your wedding knowing how many guests you will have. 

The Envelope

Yes I know, its just an envelope, but remember when your guests receive your invitations it is usually their first glimpse into the theme of your wedding. So think out how you want it to look, would a white envelope look best or maybe you want to add some colour. All of our full invitation sets also come with matching envelope templates so the fonts can match and you can add your return address on the back, just in case!

Pink Watercolour Wedding Invitation Set Templates


Now I know it can be daunting at there is alot to think about, but my advice is when thinking about what to include in your wedding invitations think about the type of wedding you are planning, think about your guests and what they need and also think about what information you need back from them. 

I really hope this has been useful if you're thinking about your invitations and what you need to include. If you have any questions just let us know. Also don't forget to download the Invitation PDF guide as this has lots of helpful wording.

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What information to include in your wedding invitations

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