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Fingerprint Trees - A great alternative to a traditional guest book

Fingerprint trees are a great alternative to a traditional guest book and are perfect for weddings, baby showers, christenings or parties where you want a reminder of who shared your special day with you. 

By getting each of your guests to stamp their fingerprint onto your tree as if stamping on a leaf, they are building up your tree and helping you to create a unique piece of art which can be framed and hung on your wall as a daily reminder of your special day.

Wedding Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

Our fingerprint trees have always been one of our most popular products and with weddings being reduced in size and dates of events being changed due to Covid we are so excited to now offer our fingerprint trees as a printable option.

So what does this mean? Well you can now get our fingerprint trees in 3 sizes, A4, A3 and 30 x 40cm which means there are options for all sizes of weddings and parties, even smaller ones. Our A4 size would be perfect for weddings or parties of 30 people or more with space up for up to around 50 - 60 and our larger sizes can hold around 60 - 110 fingerprints. 

Printable Options

With the printable fingerprint trees you have the option to change the text on the main print, whether you add your names and the date or your wedding, or maybe you want to use it for a baby shower or Christening. You can then change the colours and there is also the option to choose from a range of different fonts to match your theme (see the individual listing images for font options). 

One of the main advantages of a printable fingerprint tree is you can then just print it at home or at a local printers to you, so there is no waiting for it to be delivered and if you have to change the date of your event for any reason just print another one straight out. 

With our fingerprint trees you also get a printable instruction card too. This is great if it's not something your guests may have seen before.

 Wedding and baby shower Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

Our Designs

In our fingerprint tree collection you will find different options available, from a double tree with intertwined tree trunks which we love as it really represents two different family trees coming together. Plus our single trunk fingerprint tree with birds in the tree and space for you to add a carving on the front, weather this is initials or maybe a date. 

Printing your Tree

So you've decided on the tree you like and it's time to print. We suggest printing onto a matt white or cream card stock with a weight of around 300 - 350gsm. This is thick enough that it won't crease as your guests push on the print, and by choosing a matt card stock it also allows for the fingerprints to dry really quickly.

For all of our trees you will need to purchase ink pads separately for your guests to use, but these are readily available online or in craft stores. We personally love the small Versa Color ink pads and they are great for individual prints and are also water based. Being water based they dry really quickly and rub off a bit like chalk. You might also want to have some tissues or some wet wipes handy with some of the darker colours. 

When it comes to displaying your fingerprint tree you can place it flat on a table or place it into a frame with the glass removed. This can then be added to an easel to really catch the attention of your guests. 


The great thing about fingerprint trees are they are all completely unique to you and no fingerprint tree is ever the same, making it something to treasure. Click here to take a look at our selection on Fingerprint Trees



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  • Karen Richards
    Karen Richards

    Hi there, we purchased one of your finger print trees at the end of last year for our wedding next month. We still need to pick up a frame to use on the day to keep it flat. Can you recommend the sort we need please. I believe we purchased the A3 size.
    Many thanks Karen & Cole

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