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How to let your guests know your wedding plans have changed!

It's never great when plans have to change, especially if the plans involve your wedding! The amount of time and work involved in planning a wedding, making sure all your guests are invited, all the vendors are booked and that everything is planned just how you want it, if anything changes this can be very upsetting and incredibly stressful.

If you'd of asked me at the start of this year if there was anything that could bring the wedding industry to a screeching halt I would have told you "not to be so silly, that would never happen". Little did we know the effect that the Corona virus would have on the country and the world, and the true impact this would have on our plans.

Whether you have had to postponed your wedding, moved the date further on in the year or rearranged for a 2021 wedding, if you've already sent out your wedding invitations you might be wondering how to go about letting your wedding guests know of the changes. That's why we have designed a range of 'Change of plans' templates that you can print out and send to your guests to let them know your date has changed without having to redo all your invitations. You can also change any of the text to update them on different aspects of the wedding or let them know the rest of the details remain the same. Here are a few examples from our Simple Heart and Sketch Rose collections.

Wedding Change of plans card

Rose design wedding change of date card

Now if your guests are quite tech savvy, there is also the option to choose a digital version of our change of plan templates that you can send via email or a messaging service like whatsapp, so your guests can read it on their phone or tablet. 

Destination wedding change of plans mobile announcement

So if you're one of the couples who's wedding has been effected by the Corona virus and you're looking for an easy, cost effective solution to let your guests know, make sure you take a look at our gallery of different change of plans / change of date printable template designs to see if there is one to suit your day. 

We hope this will make one of your tasks a little less stressful and allow you to look forward to greeting your guests on your new wedding date.

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