The Little Touches 2016 Roundup

December 30, 2016 6 Comments

With 2016 coming to an end in the next few days, I thought it was time to roundup our year. 2016 has been a great year, we have met so many great couples, and have had the privilege of creating invitations, on the day stationery and fingerprint trees that fit into their theme and design. Some of our designs have travelled to weddings as far as New Zealand, Australia, Canada & the USA, which is just truly amazing. Whether the stationery has been created for weddings near or far I have loved every minute of creating the designs and wish these couples a great 2017. Thank you for choosing The Little Touches to make your stationery.

Looking back on the stationery that has been created this year there have been so many different themes, colours and styles. There have been roses, bunting, fairytale, snowflakes and destination weddings to name but a few. It has been so much fun to work on so many designs and styles all created to fit in with the couples own ideas. I have put below some examples of just a few of the different designs that have been created…

For the couples who we are still creating designs, or who have already had their invitations, I am looking forward to creating all your stationery or on the day stationery throughout 2017.

On a personal note

Anyone who knows me knows that every year Alex and I love to go on a little adventure, exploring a new corner of the world and this year was no different. At the beginning of the year Alex and I learnt to ski. By leant to ski, I mean we managed to learn enough to get down a mountain without breaking any bones, which was a real worry of mine! We had an amazing time in Alpe d’huez and I really found a love of skiing and can’t wait to go back for some more skiing adventures in 2017. I think the most amazing part of the trip was the view, I could never have imagined what it would have looked like to be standing at the top of the Alpes with the sun shining down on the snow and the silence that surrounds you. It was a lovely short break to prepare me for the summer wedding season which was to come.

Later in the year following an amazing summer of table plans, table names, and place settings I was ready for another adventure. So in September of this year, we left Heathrow for a holiday that had been in the planning for a few years. 10 hours later we landed at LAX to start our 2 week road trip around California. We got to experience driving through Death Valley to see the lights of Las Vegas. Hiking through Yosemite national park. The beautiful sights of San Francisco. A rather choppy boat ride to see whales in Monterey (Although I don’t know how much I actually saw, turns out it was a little too choppy for my liking) and finally down the iconic Highway 1, right down the California coast. It was an amazing 2 weeks driving around in our SUV (which I fell in love with) and I think I actually got to visit every stationery shop throughout California which was my particular favourite part. Here are a few of my favourite photos from our trip…

I can’t wait to see what adventures await for Alex and I in 2017 and where I can use these experiences to influence my stationery.

Looking forward to 2017

In 2017 I hope to meet as many great couples that I have done in 2016, but there will be a few minor changes, which I think will make it even better and I am so excited. Ok so the plan going ahead is to create an online shop connected to my website which will run alongside my already existing Etsy shop. There is to be alot more of my products available online, including ranges of my invitations with matching on the day stationery, including table plans, place settings, table numbers, welcome posters and thank you cards. I am so excited for this stage of The Little Touches and I am hoping it will allow my stationery to be ordered alot more easily than it is now. So please stay tuned for my NEW house styles coming in early 2017.

In terms of design, going into 2017 I think dusky pink is going to remain a top favourite, with added elements of gold coming through which I think looks so pretty and really adds another dimension to the invitations, so watch this space for more designs like this.

For all the couples looking for stationery in 2017 we have 2 wedding fairs already booked in for early next year including the Kent Events Center, Detling on the 29th January and also the Kent Wedding Show, Detling Showground on the 9th April, so I really hope to see you all there.

Whatever 2017 holds I hope you all have a fantastic year!


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