Seasonal Fingerprint trees – Autumn & Winter weddings

October 02, 2015

Now that summer is quickly coming to an end and autumn (the fall) is drawing in, I have two new seasonal fingerprint trees to share with you. So if your planning a wedding in the coming months there is one design to represent the autumn, where the leaves turn orange and start to fall off the trees, and one for the cold, snowy winter.

Firstly if you don’t know about fingerprint trees, let me explain, they are a great alternative to the traditional guest book. You have the customised blank tree which throughout the day, your guests add their fingerprints to, to create a unique piece of art for you to keep forever. With their fingerprints representing the leaves of the tree and the two tree trunks representing your two families coming together, at the end of your special day you have a great reminder of the people who shared it with you.

Fingerprint trees

So starting with the autumn / fall fingerprint tree, this would look great combined with autumnal colour ink pads. Why not try a combination of oranges and reds to give it an autumn feel. In the pictures you can see that the original tree design has been combined with sketches of falling leaves which is a great representation of this time of year.

Autumn fingerprint tree

Alternatively if your wedding is a few more months off and you have planed a winter or Christmas themed wedding then why not include a snowy fingerprint tree design. With fallen snow on the branches of the trees this design looks great with blue and grey ink pads.

Winter fingerprint tree

I really hope you like these seasonal fingerprint trees as much as I do. If you would like to look at the fingerprint trees in more detail, or see any of the other designs that we have created take a look at our Etsy shop.


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