Fingerprint trees – an alternative to the guest book

January 25, 2014

Fingerprint trees are a fairly recent idea at weddings, the whole idea is to produce a memento of your special day. At The Little Touches we really love this idea, gone are the traditional guest books where your guests write a short message for you to read only once in a while. If you have each of your guests put a fingerprint on your tree, they are building up a memory which can be framed and hung on your wall for a daily reminder of the people that shared your special day.

Our intertwined fingerprint tree prints represent 2 different family trees coming together, and allow you to create your own unique tree filled full of your friends and family. The fingerprint trees are customised with the bride and groom’s names, the date of the wedding and the chosen colour scheme to fit seamlessly in with the venue decoration. They can also be customised with bunting, birds in the trees, butterflies; whatever best brings your theme to life. They also come with 2 different colour ink pads which are chalk based, so can be easily rubbed off fingers without any mess, and an instruction card for those guests who have never heard of the idea before.

Throughout the day watch your piece of memorable art come to life as your guests fill the blank space around the branches, and don't forget to leave a pen so that your guests can sign their name next to their print.

So why not try a fingerprint tree at your wedding, either instead of a guest book, or perhaps have them displayed together to draw your guests over.

Why not contact us today for a mockup or visit our Etsy store.

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