Chalkboard style wedding invites

July 09, 2013

Recently I met with a couple who are getting married in September this year. They had a very specific theme for their wedding and wanted to follow this through to their wedding invitations and their on the day stationery. I was so excited as their theme is chalkboards with images of bells. They wanted the invitations to look like they had a British pub feel to them. I really wanted to share and talk more with you the design that we came up with…

There were actually 4 different versions of these invitations, some inviting the guests the whole wedding, some just to the church, some to the evening reception and the rest to the church and the evening which could a little confusing at times, but I am happy to say that all 180 invitations were completed.

I love how the white and blue text looks on the faded chalkboard design. The fonts that I used were meant to give the impression that the chalkboards had all been hand written to give the pub feel.

The invitation was made up of a blue pocket with the guests names printed on the front. This had inside a DL invitation made up of 3 pages. The first page had the main invitation, the second had a custom designed map and additional information and the third had a gift poem and a small envelope which included the RSVP card for the guests to send back. The invitation was then secured at the top with blue satin ribbon.

I have to admit that I loved these invitations, they had all the details of a traditional invitation with a modern twist. Don’t get me wrong they used a lot of ink and there were over 900 individual pieces of card for me to cut out, and call me crazy but I did this all by hand and thought at times they were never going to end. But when they were completed at I took a step back they looked great. I think one of the best features was the mini envelope with the RSVP card inside. This already had the address printed on the front and after talking with the couple it made it easy for their guests to post the RSVP back as soon as they received it.

I am currently creating all the on the day stationery and it all has the same theme, so as soon as they have had their wedding I will post all of this up too.

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