A Fairy Tale Story Book Themed Table Plan

September 20, 2015 2 Comments

Once upon a time two people fell in love!

Have you ever dreamed of a fairytale wedding? When I met Katie and Joseph they had planned just that. Their theme was classic ‘fairy tale’ and I am so excited to be able to share photos of their on the day stationery that I created for them. Whilst talking through ideas for their invitations and on the day stationery everything was taking inspiration from fairy tale story books, including the layout of fonts, colours, designs etc, so when the topic changed to the design for the table plan the idea was clear, to bring to life the fairy tale story book.

Fairytale table plan

The aim of the design was to make it look like a story book and give it 3D features whilst still keepting the table plan traditional. The table plan was printed onto a 300gsm textured white card, with the first layer being mounted onto a 5mm foam board with ribbon edging. The next layer was the pages of the tableplan, with the left side having their names and date of the wedding, and the right side having all the guests names and the table they were sitting at, which were all named as if chapters of the book.

Fairytale table plan

One of my favourite things about this table plan was that it was scored down the middle as if hinged, so could stand up like a real book. The other is the corners of the pages which were turned over slightly, to give a real 3D effect.

fairytale table plan

To go with the table plan we also needed to create table names. As each of the tables were named after chapters the Bride and Groom wrote a complete fairy tale of how they met and their lives together. Each paragraph of the text went onto the table names and built the story up, from 1 – 12, culminating in the top table which was aptly named ‘Happily ever after’. To follow on the storybook theme the table numbers were actually printed to look like scrolls and were also printed onto 300gsm textured white card which gave a great effect.

Scroll table numbers

I really loved how the table plan and table names turned out and it really was such a pleasure working on the fairy tale themed designs for Katie & Joseph, and I hope as there stationery dictates they ‘live happily ever after’…

Fairy tale wedding

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